How it all started

The creation of this product is a “necessity is the mother of all inventions” type of story. As an Ayurvedic student, my studies of this ancient practice kept showing me a fundamental practice of healthy breasts is the simple act of daily breast massage. In the ocean of women’s products, there was one product I was not seeing: an accessible modern breast care massage balm. So I started to make The Boobie Balm in my kitchen for my friends and clients. 

Why you might ask? 

Because massaging your breasts move stagnant hormone build up in the breast tissue and lymph system. Because daily breast massage reduces painful, swollen breasts. Because daily breast massage reduces the chances of breast cancer. And finally, because it relaxes the nervous system. And I have yet to meet a modern woman who wouldn’t benefit from less pain in her body, more control over her current and future health, and a time carved out for her to touch and pamper herself away from her to-do list and prying eyes. Once I understood that women of all ages from menstruation, post-partum, to menopause and after could help themselves in just 2-5 minutes a day to reduce their pain and keep themselves safe with such a simple practice, a fire started growing.

Why were we not all aware of this simple but hugely necessary and helpful practice ? How could I get my students, clients, friends, and female family, familiar enough with the importance of this practice that it becomes as routine as brushing teeth ? Health practices and Ayurveda are only good as they are useful to us modern women: in small doable daily acts. I can say with confidence that almost every woman has 2-5 minutes of free time a day, which is absolutely enough time to help maintain vital healthy pain-free boobies with The Boobie Balm


Natania's Story

Lādē & Company was created from my devotion to women recovering their strength, creativity, and independence through health.

The creation of this company comes directly from my interactions as an Ayurvedic health counsellor and yoga teacher working with real women. My clients and community intimately inspire the creations of my products.

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