Founder Story

Lādē & Company was created from my devotion to women recovering their strength, creativity, and independence through health.

The creation of this company comes directly from my interactions as an Ayurvedic health counsellor and yoga teacher working with real women. My clients and community intimately inspire the creations of my products.

I saw the ocean of clean skincare products for women’s beauty, yet none of them addressed the needs of me or my clients on a true level. As women, we have such complexity. Our periods and hormones dictate so much of how good or bad we feel, pregnancy and postpartum change not only our bodies but who we are on the deepest level of our being, menopause is a profoundly intense and important transition that is widely ignored, yet the products we are marketed focus on our external beauty and the ruthless hunt for eternal youth. But, this is where our true beauty lies; in these complexities, in these journeys and stories. Not in our youth and sex appeal. The industry is sadly by-passing all of the meat of what it means to be a woman.

It became so clear to me as I dove deep into my studies of women’s health and well-being: if I can study this information, then as a society we could access it. It should and must be shared with all women. What I have learned needs to be taught as common knowledge. We have the capability and the resources to reduce our menstrual symptoms, ease menopause, help make birth and postpartum less dramatic on the body, and here at Lade & company I intend to do just that. I will keep listening to our collective shared complaints, and I will make skincare products that address and help cure them. I will do this with mother nature in mind, as I choose the most sustainable options, capitalising on the healing powers of plants, never using anything toxic or fabricated.

"Women are natural-born healers, I see it all the time.Here at Lade & company, I intend to guide you back to becoming your own best healer. Nature to Nature, Generation to Generation, Woman to Woman."

Natania - Founder