5 Insanely Simple Tips To Reduce Breast Pain

Posted by Natania Frydman on

  1. Massage your breasts daily with The Boobie Balm, specifically formulated to help the lymphatic system drain properly, creating a natural detoxification from within your own body. About 2-3 minutes a day will do the trick. 
  1. Set the mood for your breast massages so that they become a true moment of grounding stress relief. After you shower or before going to bed, sit on your bed put some gentle music on, make sure you are warm. As you massage your self make your touch slow, meaningful, and tender. Breath deeply, letting the soothing smell of The Boobie Balm relax your mind and nervous system. 
  1. Drink lymph stimulating herbal teas that have liquorice, fennel, fenugreek, and burdock. Staying hydrated is immensely helpful for detoxing your liver and lymphatic system. 
  1. Keep tabs on your pain levels, there is a direct link between stress and breast pain. If you notice your breasts hurt a lot this month, take it as a sign that you need to prioritize more relaxation and downtime this upcoming month. That could be getting a massage, taking a bath, walking outside, etc. figure out what you like to do to de-stress and pencil it into your agenda. 
  1. Remember that your cycle makes you a genuine superhero, I am mean, it's how all humans are given the gift of life! So your health and happiness are a top priority. If your body has pain, it is not trying to be annoying, it is trying to talk to you! Listen to it. Now that you know it's a sign of stress and stagnation, see if you can add more moments of calming self-love. You deserve it. 

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