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Lādē & co. was established with one distinct goal in mind. Bring the ancient science of Ayurveda to suit the needs of modern women through daily skincare products.

Focused on vitality, embodiement & long term health.

Why Breasts Massage with The Boobie Balm is so important ?

Painful breasts are a result of stagnant Estrogen in the breast tissue. Using The Boobie Balm and your own hands to massage and stimulate the lymphatic system is clinically proven to reduce pain & help prevent breast cancer

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How it all started

The creation of this product is a “necessity is the mother of all inventions” type of story. As an Ayurvedic student my studies of this ancient practice kept showing me a fundamental practice of healthy breasts is the simple act of daily breast massage. In the ocean of women’s products there was one product I was not seeing: an accessible modern breast care massage balm. I started to make The Boobie Balm in my kitchen for my friends and clients...

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How to reduce Breasts Pain in 4 simple Steps with the Boobie balm

1. Apply the boobie Balm

Apply The Boobie Balm directly to skin.

2. Spread

Starting from the top of your armpit, spread the balm to cover your breast & chest.

3. Massage

Using gentil pressure, massage the balm in circular motions towards your chests centre for 2-3 minutes.

4. Relax

Relax and take a few breaths, enjoy the smell and tenderness of your own touch.

See what people are saying !

A really great product

A little goes a long way, the boobie balm melts down wonderfully, and smells amazing. It has helped reduce pain, when used regularly, and I feel has helped with the texture and tone of my skin.

Juanita. R - Boobie Balm Customer

Highly recommend

Absolutely love Boobie Balm. I purchased 2 jars (discount with multi purchase) and I love the smell, the way it feels, and the results. It’s so great I’ve used it on my cracked heals (all better now) and on scars as well. This stuff is great less breast pain and tenderness. More lymphatic drainage face is slimmer. I’ve already decided to purchase again for self and children. I will also be giving as gifts to my closest friends.

Guinevere. S - Boobie Balm Customer


The Boobie Balm is luxurious + nourishing. It has the most incredible feel and the aroma elevates the experience so! It’s a must have and a way to love your boobies 💗

Kristy G. - Boobie Balm Customer


I wish I could buy the Boobie Balm in gallon-sized bottles. Not only does it smell amazing, it literally melts into your skin and makes for a lovely massage and soft supple skin once it “dries” which it does without leaving any lingering greasy feel. I love it so much I put it on my arms and legs too 😊

Christine F. - Boobie Balm Customer

Please keep in mind that results may vary with The Boobie Balm. While testimonials come from our customers, they do not guarantee specific results.


Earth Friendly

100% Plastic-Free & Biodegradable

ALL NAtural

100% Natural & Organic Ingredients


Hand poured in the respect of the ancient Ayurvedic Tradition

Formulated in the US

Proudly formulated and hand-crafted in the US.

Handcrafted in Marfa, TX

Specially formulated with potent herbs that stimulate the lymphatic system and clear toxins out of the body.

Created to target the health of your breast.